Cameron Dallas Gets Serious For a Change in His New Movie
July 27th, 2015
If you're one of Cameron Dallas' eight million Vine followers, you might already know the good news — he's starring in ?The Outfield?, a movie about three varsity baseball players who have to make tough decisions as they navigate their senior year of high school.

The movie hits theaters in October.

"Acting, you're taking someone else's visions and someone else's inspirations, and it's up to you to portray that to everyone watching the film," Cameron said in the trailer. "And that's what really draws me to acting because I take it as a challenge.

Nash Grier is another Vine star making his big-screen debut in ?The Outfield?.

"Working with Cam was interesting," Nash said in the trailer. "We've done skits together, but we've never acted in a ?film? together, and that was just really cool."

If Instagram can launch modeling careers (hello, Gigi Hadid!), then it makes sense that Vine can launch film careers. If ?The Outfield? is a success, we wonder... which star will blow up on the big screen next?

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