Mini Biography
Tom Fletcher, the founder of McFly, originally auditioned for another band - Busted. When he didn't make the final cut, he stayed friends with James Bourne, a Busted band member. He went along with the band and taped auditions they were holding for a boy band, which later became V.

Danny Jones, who thought he was auditioning for a rock band, went in with his guitar and sang "Bittersweet Symphony". Tom liked his audition and pulled him aside to discuss starting their own band. Danny, who was still in school at the time, met Tom in a hotel room every weekend, which acted as a sort of music studio, and began work on their first album - Room on the Third Floor.

They still needed a bassist and a drummer, however, so they held auditions. Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter auditioned on the same day. While they were waiting, they talked and became friends. They eventually both made it into the band.

McFLY were once known as "Baby Busted", but have proven themselves to be anything but. Beating the Beatles' record for youngest band to have a #1 debut album, McFly have skyrocketed from small-name to one of the biggest bands in the UK.