Dominic DiGravio


4' 3" (1.3 m)

Mini Biography
Dominic is a young actor born February 9, 2010 in Rochester, NY. He lives in Ontario, NY with his parents and older brother. Dominic is a very versatile little guy who has a strong passion for meeting new people and taking on new challenges. Dominic decided at a young age to pursue a career within the Talent Industry so that he can showcase his individuality. He is extremely innovative, witty, personable, and he can move the biggest mountains with his zest for life. Dominic is sure to put a smile on your face with his comedic timing! He loves modeling for others that no matter how small a person is, their ideas can be BIG! Above all things that Dominic loves is science! He loves to create, invent, and experiment!

Dominic has had the opportunity to show off his inventive talents on the Tonight Show and on Wonderama. He has become quite busy over the last few months auditioning for several different roles including those for featured films and pilot series. Every actor has a dream role...Dominic just auditioned for that dream role which is for an upcoming Disney Reboot! Fingers crossed! He's off to a great start! Dominic has dreams of becoming a well known actor while making people laugh.