Dominic Scott Kay


Date of Birth
6 December 1996, Los Angeles, California, USA

5' 9½" (1.77 m)

Mini Biography
Dominic Scott Kay is CEO and co-owner of DSK Motion Pictures & Music, which is a major motion picture and television production company that has multiple subsidiaries. The corporation was founded in Los Angeles, CA by Dominic Scott Kay and Cindy Sarno Kay and later headquartered in Nashville, TN, as a leading motion picture company in the state, bringing Hollywood film making experience to Nashville, making Music City an even larger global entertainment hub. With nearly 50 credits to his name, Dominic began working with directors such as: Steven Spielberg, Gore Verbinski, Kevin Bacon, as well as actors like: Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Oprah, Robert Redford, on major studio films, Dominic brought his 15+ years of quality experience into DSK Motion Pictures, along with an incredibly seasoned team. We only make our films with the very best of the best in the film industry, from our producers, directors and crew, to the most well known A-list actors in the world. Additionally, we go to great extremes to limit our features down to stories that are distinct to the original theme we maintain here at DSK. No other film company has or will ever replicate the signature touch that is powerfully recognizable in DSK Motion Pictures. Our slogan is "Power In Imagination", defining the passion we have for touching hearts through the big screen and inspiring the world watching to exceed the greatest limitations of their imagination. It's our vision, as the team at DSK grows with larger content every year, to sustain the same humble and intimate connection with you through our quality and ambition on screen. He is an Ambassador for Mending Kids International.