Thomas Kuc


Thom Kuc
Tom Kuc

5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini Biography
Thomas Kuc was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 10, 2002. He moved to California a few years after. At a young age, he started competitive gymnastics, competing at a number of state and regional championships. He is multilingual, able to speak Polish, Spanish and English and knows some Portuguese and Mandarin. Thomas Kuc is an actor known for playing as Hudson in Game Shakers (2015). He started his career at the age of 10, with a flashback role as "Young Jason" in the sitcom series "General Hospital". From there, he went on to become a supporting character in the horror film, "The Diabolical". He has starred in a number of voice overs and commercials including an Old Navy Back To School commercial. His older sister, Alma shares an interest in gymnastics and is a gymnast for the Polish National Olympic Team.