Cole Pendery


5' 9" (1.75 m)

Mini Biography
Cole Pendery was born on February 22, 1996, in Texas. He lived in Texas all the way up until the end of his eighth grade year, when he told his parents he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Him and his mom flew out to California, originally to become and actor, but auditioned for the band IM5. The band made their first debut on YouTube on February 22, 2012, performing a cover of NSYNC's It's Gonna Be Me. The band, consisting originally of five members of different nationalities, began mostly with covers of popular songs, with a few original songs here and there. Their first song to be played on the radio was Everything About U, and was played on Radio Disney for quite some time. Their other two songs, Jingle Bell Pop and Disney Dudez (Viral video made by YouTube Star, Todrick Hall) were played on Radio Disney as well. In 2014, there original song, Get To Know You, was played on Hits 1 during the #YouTube15 with Jenna Marbles. The band's three remaining members, after two originals and one replacement decided to leave, are working on music now. They are to release an EP towards the end of June, early July of 2015.