Gabriel Bateman

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Birth Name: Gabriel Bateman
Birth Date: September 10, 2005 (13 years old)
Nickname: Gabe
Birthplace: Turlock, CA

Famous For: American actor known for playing Ethan Taylor on the show Stalker. He also portrayed Jason Jr. on Your Family or Mine and Christopher in Checkmate. He would star in the 2016 film Lights Out.

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General Pictures
The Dangerous Book for Boys (2018) 76
Benji. Netflix (2018) 54
Lights Out (2016) 39
Outcast (2016) 75
American Gothic (2016) 223
Wolfie's Just Fine: A New Beginning (2016) 50
Annabelle (2014) 6
Stalker (Season 1) (2014) 53
Grey's Anatomy, episode: Throwing It All Away (2014) 11

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