Alex Neuberger


Date of Birth
27 December 1992, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name
Alexander James Neuberger

6' 0½" (1.84 m)

Mini Biography
Alexander James Neuberger is an American actor from Cottage Grove Minnesota. Alex wanted to be an actor at an early age. He told his mother and she right then and there started to seek out an agent. She also signed Alex up for a 3 year contract at John Robert Powers, though now Alex regrets taking their services. Alex got an agent and whenever a new film was in the making he privately auditioned with his agent on a camera. His debut role came in 2006, when he booked the part of Nicky Gazelle in "Running Scared". Later on in 2007 he booked the part of Jack Unger in "Underdog". Alex lives a normal life in Minnesota.