Mini Biography
Hailing from Tulsa OK, Hanson the band arrived on the radio in 1997 with a #1 hit - "MMMBop" - which helped them sell more than 12 million copies of their debut album. Energizing a new wave of bubblegum pop, by virtue of their youth at the time (Isaac was 16, Taylor 14 & Zac 11), they were blamed for ruining the radio landscape yet were ironically over shadowed by the very acts that stole away the youthful fans they had awakened.

Originally known as The Hanson Brothers (later becoming just "Hanson" to avoid confusion with the hockey players), they began writing and singing as young as six years old, and first performed as a band when they were six, nine and eleven. They produced two independent albums which included originial compositions before signing with Mercury Records in 1996.

Since then they have impressed music critics and industry insiders with their talents including a signature sound with Rock-n-roll influences, a well grounded mature attitude and a wise business savvy. By using the internet, stategic public appearances (including a couple of movie and TV cameos which have landed them on this site), and a recent tour playing acoustic only shows in intimate club venues, they have been chipping away at a public image which has misunderstood them.

Now at ages 18, 21 & 23, their latest endeavors include a live concert which was released to theaters in a one day event, a 2004 CD, starting their own record label (3cG Records) and a documentary on the record industry which may be shown in some film festivals before being released to DVD.